Get assured your mailing list contains only real emails addresses, get rid of bots and inactive users




Check Emails - Turns your cold mails - to hot leads.


Check Emails - Validate emails through social networks.


Check Emails - Turns your cold mails - to hot leads.


We are a team that validates emails and phones using social networks for the past 3 years. Previously, we did it manually and it took from 3 weeks to a year, but at the moment it takes from us only 15 minutes to check 1 000 000 email addresses.

Our service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. We will also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email or phone in order to save their time and money.


$ 10/mo
1,000 emails to validate included
$0.005/1 mail overage charge

$ 30/mo
5,000 emails to validate included
$0.004/1 mail overage charge

$ 100/mo
0,000 emails to validate included
$0.003/1 mail overage charge

EPIC 100,000+ emails to validate included
LEGENDARY 1,000,000,000+ emails to validate included + telephones

Email checker: what is it and why do you need it?

You can hardly find a business or an individual who doesn’t need to send emails from time to time. Both big and small companies are using e-letters to notify their customers and partners about the new features and services, as well as establish contacts for further cooperation. Individual mailing is often incredibly important for people who want to keep in touch with their friends, colleagues, and associates. The fact is that no one wants to send e-letters to the void and receive the annoying automatic replies about the mail delivery failure. But is it possible to know, whether the email address of your recipient is real? How can you check if email is valid? An email checker is developed exactly for these purposes. Moreover, you can discover the information about the newest email verification software and learn how to use it in just a few minutes.

Email checker: the basic concepts

How to check if an email is valid? Most users will surely start looking for a perfect solution for these purposes with the help of the search engines. You will surely come through a wide range of email address verification software with different options and technologies. All of them are designed for the same goal - to allow users to check if email is real. Some email testers will just let you know whether the chosen address is good or bad, while the other services can provide you with more detailed data about the required email.

But why do most experts recommend using several email verification programs to achieve the best results? The matter is that most email address checkers are using a too limited number of technologies for performing tests. For example, some solutions will just examine whether your address really exists, while others might check MX data. Anyway, when you are going to check email online, it is better to try different alternatives before making a final decision about sending letters to the desired address.

How does an email verifying software work?

The only thing you need to perform an email spam test is an email address. There is no additional data needed to make sure an email address owner is a real person or company. The testing procedure is super fast and extremely easy. You will just need to paste or enter the desired address in the special field and wait for results. The entire check usually lasts a few seconds both for checking one address and bulk tests.

As for the technologies used by popular email validation services, most of them can make syntax, DNS, and SMTP tests. However, when we’ve tried using different email checkers, we faced a number of inconveniences. Thus, many platforms require passing a large number of validation procedures before you get an opportunity to use their free email verifier. This included

Google Captcha verification, proving you are not a robot, switching off AdBlock, and others. Moreover, many services have strict limitations on the number of addresses you can test daily from your IP address. In case you would like to perform a bulk test, you are likely to switch between different pages which might appear to be unhandy.

Who can use an email checker?

The services of this kind are used by a wide audience. Generally, we can divide the checker’s users into three big groups.

  1. Marketers. The number of marketing professionals who check email addresses before mailing is really amazing. The matter is that using checkers allows to significantly optimize the expenses for marketing campaigns and contact only real people and companies without spending costs for dummy addresses. It is also a great tool for optimizing the databases of customers and users, providing news and commercial offers to live businesses and individuals.
  2. Business owners. Business owners are another group of people who prefer using checkers. The testing tool allows saving time and money for promotion campaigns, as well as update the database of the clientele on a regular basis. The fact is that a great part of emails used for sign up are one-day solutions, while the others might appear to be dummy or invalid. The validation app enables private entrepreneurs to keep their data banks fresh and up-to-date. Business owners can easily use checkers from time to time.
  3. Individuals. Personal correspondence is another area where you would like to make sure your recipient will receive and read your letter. A simple check will help you confirm that a chosen address is real and active.

API for developers: are there any?

Unfortunately, there is no API for developers at this point. The server version with an API is currently in progress. However, there is still no certain release date for it.

The benefits of using email verification programs

  • Receiving an up-to-date database with only real, live, and active emails
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns and saving costs for mailing and promotions
  • Saving time for reaching dummy addresses and removing mail delivery failure letters from your box
  • Reaching a larger number of people and businesses, as well as making your mailing more effective
  • Saving efforts of your team members and getting an opportunity to spend time for something important
  • Receiving more detailed data about the owners of emails. Thus, you can also find different kinds of connected information, for example, the profiles in social media. This trick will help you to contact a person via different channels of communication and get successful feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free Gmail checkers?

There are lots of solutions that deal with a wide range of different kinds of mails, including Gmail. Some of them are free, while others might have some limitations on the number of tests you can do daily.

Does the owner of an address receive any notifications about being checked?

No, the testing software doesn’t send any letters to any addresses it checks. This means your clients, partners, or friends will never know you’ve checked their addresses before mailing. They will not receive any spam letters or notifications about your tests. The fact is that the checking procedure involves only reaching SMTP servers with no need to contact the required addresses.

Why do different checkers provide totally different results for the same address?

The matter is that various solutions have different technical capabilities and use diverse approaches for testing addresses. There is no checker that will give you a 100% true-to-life information about the required address.

Do checkers store information about the addresses you’ve tested?

This depends on the service you choose. Some platforms store emails for a couple of hours or days, while the others might store your data for a longer time. However, this option is usually available at the paid plans.

How do checking tools test emails?

The procedure of testing the desirable email address might include checking whether an address has a valid format and doesn’t contain a gibberish name. The test also includes monitoring the disposable and webmail email addresses, the presence of SMTP server and MX records, as well as accept-all emails domain name.

What does "accept all" status mean?

The "accept all" means the domain is receiving all the addresses regardless of whether they were actually created or not. The "accept all" status also indicates that your email will be received but might not be read. These emails are considered to be risky unless there are any other trustworthy indicators that they are real.

Is there any chance that an email with a "valid" status will bounce?

There is still a minor chance that it will bounce. However, 96% of valid emails will not bounce.